Redsea reefer 650 peninsula livestock

Coral still available for sale. Port Kembla 2505. Pick up or mail at your expense. Updated. Everything has to go this weekend.

1x squamosa 4″
1x maxima 1.5″

Coral colonies ($20 per colony OBO):
1x scrolling montipora (green; 15-20 cm)
1x encrusting montipora (green; 15-20 cm)
1x microchalice (ora blue 15-20 cm)
1x yellow cup coral (10 cm)
1x green cup coral with purple polyps (10-15 cm)
1x blue plating (i think ) montipora frag
1x red mushroom coral ($10)
1x blue tenius
1x heliofungia
1x blue stag
1x echinata (blue tips)
1x green millipora
1x light green stag
1x branching porites ($10)
1x zoa rock (oceanarium eagle eye, more than 300 polyps $40)
1x green cyphastrea frag
1x green plating leptoseris (i think)

All are available individually or together.

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